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Stuart Colothan - St. Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary Academy

My name is Stuart Colothan and I am Headteacher at St. Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary Academy. I was appointed Headteacher in May 2015, after teaching in this outstanding school for ten years. We have been on an exciting journey, becoming an Academy in 2013 and a Multi Academy Trust in 2015. As founding member of the Learning Together Trust, our vision is to provide all children within the trust with an excellent education.

We are working collaboratively with Canon Sharples Church of England Primary School, St David’s and St Paul’s at different layers. The Learning Together Trust leadership team, consisting of the Executive Headteacher, Finance Director and headteachers drive the strategic development of the schools and plan opportunities for collaboration across the schools.

We have had successful joint training with staff across the trust and developed opportunities for staff to work collaboratively. Subject Leaders have worked closely to develop and enhance leadership and the curriculum. Teachers, with leadership potential and strengths in particular areas have been identified to support teachers across all schools. This process usually includes joint planning, developmental lesson observations and team teaching.

Finally, we have created opportunities for children to work collaboratively across the schools. This has consisted of joint educational visits, including a Year 6 residential. We have also developed enrichment sessions, where children from both schools are ‘buddied’ up and work collaboratively in a range of enrichment activities, with Specialist Teachers. We have invited inspirational visitors, recently including a Paralympian, to work with children from both schools, which has led to a joint writing project.

The Learning Together Trust has provided staff with a broad range of support and exciting opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to working with other schools as the trust develops and grows.

“When there is Teamwork and Collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”
M. Stepenek

Mission Statement

“Learning Together…… to achieve success for all God’s Children”
“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things”

- Mother Theresa

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Our Academies

St. Wilfrid's Primary School

St. Wilfrid’s is the founding school of the “Learning Together Trust”.

Canon Sharples Primary School

Canon Sharples joined the “Learning Together Trust” in July 2015.

St David’s Primary School

St David’s joined the "Learning Together Trust" in November 2018.

Adlington St Paul’s Primary School

The school joined the Trust on the 1st January 2019.