St David’s joined the Learning Together Trust in November 2018 and is converter Academy. There is a history of collaborative partnership between the schools as part of the LA consortia and local network.

St David’s is a Church of England Primary school with an established link to St David’s church and is part of the Diocese of Liverpool. The school has up to 30 places for each school year Reception to Year 6 and offers a breakfast club run by the school and after school care delivered by TCC.

As a small school St David’s prides itself on its family feel and its broad curriculum entitlement which is supported by a wide range of enrichment and extra- curricular opportunities.

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Our Academies

St. Wilfrid's Primary School

St. Wilfrid’s is the founding school of the “Learning Together Trust”.

Canon Sharples Primary School

Canon Sharples joined the “Learning Together Trust” in July 2015.

St David’s Primary School

St David’s joined the "Learning Together Trust" in November 2018.

Adlington St Paul’s Primary School

The school joined the Trust on the 1st January 2019.